Tuesday, November 8, 2016

One Final Thought Before The Elections

This blog is not dedicated to election coverage.  I am not about to go into a long-winded screed about why I believe the things I do or what the tragic state of the election so far has been.

Suffice to say though, I am extremely worried, in part because we have at least one candidate who believes that the basic rules and graces of democracy don't apply to him.  This candidate has appealed to the fearful, the resistant to change, and the hateful and has brought them so far into the mainstream that many people- myself included- fear that a dam has been breeched.

It is the broadly-shared opinion of many analysts that regardless of who wins, violence and bloodshed are likely.  Both candidates are likely to face a coup attempt as the two sides fighting for supremacy in this country are at loggerheads; the division is nearing the critical tipping point and the divide between these competing visions of what our country should become has become so dire and so bitter that conflict may be inevitable.

But for those who can only think of themselves and what they'll do to save their own skins if and when the violence breaks out, I ask that you think about the generations that are only just coming of age, the teenagers who are either voting in their first elections now, or are still too young to vote.

These teenagers... they're beautiful people.  Read some articles about them and you'll see what I mean.  They're concerned about the environment and the rights of others.  They have an emotional maturity that the schoolyard bully mentality of today's electorate lacks.  They are open about gender and sexuality.  They're beautifully diverse.  They reject religious dogma, most of them either choosing the path of honest atheists or embracing an open, free-form spirituality.  They are the closest this country has created to an enlightened people.  They can come closer to perfecting our republic than anyone ever dreamed possible.

This is why, no matter what comes our way, those of us who share their dream of a world where people can simply be themselves in mutual respect and in equal dignity need to stop worrying about our own tomorrows, because we have a more important purpose.  We need to stand against whatever the forces of hate throw our way because the generation to come is worth it.  And if we have to, they'll be worth dying for.

Soon, very soon, the occasion to show what we're made of may be visited upon us.  And let us not fool ourselves: that occasion may call for us to take up arms and actually fight and die so that others may live.

But it that occasion calls, remember one thing:

Everyone who ever called you an SJW for not giving in to their regressive agendas, for not having the emotional maturity of a five-year-old child, for not fobbing someone off because they were black or Latino, for not buying into their small-minded essentialism, for standing up for a friend who was being harassed, has actually paid you an unintended compliment.

You know what that "W" stands for?  It stands for WARRIOR.  And a warrior must always draw the line.  So when the forces of hate and fear stand to in open warfare, we must be prepared to meet them with like force even if it means our blood may be shed.  If we retreat in the face of the enemy, they will cut us down anyway so if we die, let us die standing like warriors do!  Let's show them just how right they were when they called us warriors and give as good as we get!

We will not throw the first punch, but, God willing, we will throw the last one.

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