Sunday, July 26, 2015

Linen Butterfly Update

Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm deep into my latest revision of "The Linen butterfly" now. I've managed to actually make it longer than the first draft despite actually removing an entire subplot.

Tonight I finished rewriting a battle scene I had started rewriting last night. I ended up scrapping about 70% of the original scene, yet I still ended up 3 pages longer and, hopefully, immeasurably more interesting.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dusting Off Something Old

While I'm still keen on finishing "The Linen Butterfly," I've also been inspired to do some more work on a loosely biographical work formerly titled "One Could Do Better."

"One Could Do Better" is now only one part of a multi-part story, referenced by a later portion of the story as if it were the character's own biographical work. I had wanted to write a sequel originally, but I feel that "One Could Do Better" on its own feels incomplete now.

Some changes I've made or will make soon:

1. The complete title of the work is now "I Rise Again Splendidly" though I have kept "One Could Do Better" as the title for what will be part I or II depending on whether or not I keep the current Part I.
2. The complete work is an even more thorough mix of fact and fiction, with quite a lot more true details being added.
3. The complete work will now cover events beyond May 2005, and will now extend to the very recent past.
4. The complete work will be rather experimental in its structure.

I had initially thought to re-structure it as a book called "Wild Fox Koan" but for a number of reasons (not least of which the fact that I have abandoned the additions that were relevant to that title), I have decided that a different title is more appropriate. At any rate, I had a hunch that the title "One Could Do Better" was putting off agents and publishers.