Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Latest Projects

Here is a rundown of my latest projects:

*I wrote a screenplay based on my novel "Basecraft Cirrostratus."  Dubbed "Steel Clouds," it is currently making the rounds at screenwriting contests.

*Another screenplay is on its way, this one based on my novel "The Vimana Incident" and sharing that title.

*My novel "The Linen Butterfly" is still in development (as it has been for far too long) and it is now being developed to incorporate parts of "The Goldenlea," my first novel.  "Butterfly" was intended as a sequel for "Goldenlea," but I saw the opportunity to revamp both stories into a single work I can really be proud of.

*I am working with a translator on a Spanish translation of one of my novels.

I also have an interesting bit of news.  The other day I stumbled on a used copy of "The Vimana Incident" on eBay listed by a French seller for 34 Euros (about $38)!  Considering the book is still in print and can be bought in the EU from Fusselschwarm in Germany for only 9.95 Euros, this means that (in France at least), my books are now selling for more used than they sell for new!

So, am I a cult fiction author now?

Meh, probably not.

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