Friday, March 20, 2015

Finished Winter Term

At 11:30, I submitted my last assignment for the term, a 6-page essay assigned in lieu of an exam.

I now have the next ten days off.  I'm going to probably be spending that time resting because in all honesty, I'm having a really hard time with anxiety right now.  I'm so close to finishing my senior year.  I just want it to be over.

It's not that the work is that hard either; for a student like me it's easy work.  But for one thing, commuting on public transport is something I find intensely draining and stressful, and I've been having to do that for the whole time I've been at PSU which has slowed my recovery.

For another thing, I know this is going to be an intense term in Spring because my university has a thing called senior capstone which essentially requires a practical application of what you've learned.  I'll be working with medieval manuscripts and early printed books in the Multnomah County Library's special collections, which is cool as all hell, but I've got to juggle that and running to campus about half a mile away; even with street car service in the area,  it's going to be rough.

Just ten more weeks of it though, then I have a gap year coming up which hopefully I'll be able to support myself through.  If I can get things squared away by graduation I may be able to swing it though, in which case I'll finally have the time to fully recover from the last few years of living on the ragged edge of pretty much everything.

I had someone suggest living off the royalties to my books... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

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