Friday, March 6, 2015

Review of "The Vimana Incident"

A review of "The Vimana Incident" has been posted, and it's quite a glowing review!

Has LaCroix succeeded in her ambition for the novel? From a reader’s point of view, she has created a satisfying and intriguing story. I looked forward to the next chapter while I was reading it, and I’ll certainly be reading it again. Whether she has produced a work of the quality she herself wanted, well, only the author can say, but I’m reminded of that annoyingly ubiquitous quote about shooting for the moon and missing to land among the stars. The sphere of furry writing can only benefit from this breed of originality and its lofty aims.
Read the full review here!

Also, "The Vimana Incident" has been named the Furry Writers' Guild Book of the Month for March!

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